About GliSODin

What is GliSODin?

GliSODin is a cantaloupe melon extract rich in vegetal superoxide dismutase (SOD) covered by polymeric films of wheat matrix gliadin. This is the only proven orally effective delivery of SOD.

(This SOD/gliadin complex is also referred to as glisodine and oxykine.)

GliSODin has been shown to:glisodin_wheat_melon_diagra_sidebar
• Promote endogenous production of SOD, Catalase & Glutathione Peroxidase (Gpx)
• Inhibit oxidative stress
• Inhibit lactic acid accumulation during exercise
• Inhibit UV oxidative stress
• Promote immune modulation
• Inhibit vascular inflammation

The Rationale for GliSODin

1) The natural process of oxygen metabolism results in the development of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

2) To protect the body from highly toxic ROS, the body has acquired anti-oxidative stress mechanisms, or an antioxidant defense system.

3) These anti-oxidative stress mechanisms are localized in tissues and inside the cells where ROS are generated.

4) If the amount of ROS exceeds the limit of the antioxidant defense system of the body, the damage to the cells results in not only aging but also in some pathological processes.

5) The powerful natural antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) acts at the very source of the chain reaction that produces (ROS).

6) SOD therefore constitutes the first and one of the main links of the defense process against free radical damage.

Why use wheat gliadin as a carrier?

1) Therapeutic administration of SOD to address insufficiency has not been effective orally.

2) SOD has an extremely fragile molecular structure, and non-protected SOD is destroyed by stomach acids and digestive enzymes.

3) Gliadin is a wheat protein recognized as a carrier for controlled drug release. The complex of gliadin with a vegetable sourced SOD (a melon, cucumis melo) has resulted in an orally effective delivery system.

The bottom line

GliSODin has been shown to be orally effective in several in vivo studies on animals as well as in clinical trials. In these studies, glisodin has been shown to preserve the antioxidant activity of the SOD enzyme, resulting in an increase in organ and circulating SOD levels. This action has demonstrated therapeutic benefits by helping the body to handle and recover from stress.

For more on the areas of research relevant to GliSODin, including antioxidants, protection from ultraviolet radiation, healthy immune function, and cardiovascular health, please visit our Research page.